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You’re All Moved In – Now What?

Once your move is complete, what should you do afterwards?

Organizing your time is the first thing you should do; next is unpacking of course.

Your full service moving company in Boston will unpack all of your belongings, so that step of your journey is partly over.

If you had a regular moving company that didn’t unpack your items, unpacking should move to the top of your priority list. Although without the time constraints of a move, you can unpack at your own pace and only begin putting items away that are essential.

After you are unpacked – or the unpacking is done for you by Mastodon Moving LLC, you will need to create a list of things to be completed before you fully relax!

  • Go Exploring. Next, explore your new home. Find the fuse box and water valves just in case of emergency. Also – be sure to check all fire alarms for working batteries, and that doors and windows are secure from theft or other intruders.
  • Change Address. After this safety check, change your address! You will want to change your address as soon as possible, that way you won’t miss out on any important mail. When you are changing your address, be sure to change the registration state of your vehicle as well. This will help you avoid issues on the road!
  • School Enrollment. If you have children, you will want to register them at the local school, to be sure there isn’t much of a delay between the move and when the child starts school.
  • New Doctors. After your children are taken care of, you will want to find yourself a doctor. You never know how the stress of moving can affect your body, or say you slipped and fell while putting something away. The last thing you need is to get hurt and be miles away from your trusted doctor.
  • Meet Neighbors. Lastly, go meet your neighbors, and explore your new city. Moving to a new area is hard and being alone can foster separation anxiety from friends and family. Don’t dwell on missing people, and focus on all of the exciting new things your new home has to offer!

Need help unpacking after your move? Mastodon Moving LLC is Boston’s full service moving company, which means we pack and unpack for you so you can focus on the next item on your post-move checklist. Contact us today for a free estimate on your next move to or from the Boston area.

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