When You Should Opt For Custom Crating

When it comes to moving, most people think about stuffing their existing suitcases or large garbage bags with clothes and heading to the hardware store to purchase flimsy cardboard boxes. For 80% of people who move, this strategy gets the job done.

For the other 20%, a simple cardboard box that’s available in three sizes just doesn’t get cut it — and that’s when custom crating comes into play. Our professional movers in Boston are here to assist homeowners with their next move by providing full packing and unpacking services, which includes custom crating.

If you’re looking around at the items in your home and aren’t sure whether custom crating is the best option, here are a few things to consider:

  • High value itemsIf you have anything worth over $1,000, having a custom wooden crate constructed for your item is your best bet for a smooth ride to your new home. Large antique furniture can be wrapped, but if you have artwork, sculptures or even a chandelier, it’s best to store these safely in their own custom crate.
  • Odd-shaped items. As we mentioned, those cardboard moving boxes unfortunately only come in three sizes. What about that standing lamp, your computer, or stereo system? These items that are just ever-so-slightly too big for traditional boxes should be placed in wooden moving crates.
  • Heavy items. Our moving crew is experienced and fit for any job thrown at them; there’s no box or item to heavy to lift. That being said, there are boxes that deem their contents too heavy. Have you ever packed a bunch of books into a cardboard moving box only to pick it up and it bottoms out? When this happens, a wooden crate is the best choice for the items.
  • For storage items. If you’re downsizing and don’t currently have room for some of your belongings, Mastodon Moving LLC will store them for you at our Ashland temporary storage facility. Our climate controlled, fully insured storage space is clean and organized. Our moving team will carefully build custom crates for your belongings and store them safely within the facility.

Looking to move in the near future and have a few items that need custom wooden crating? Contact our moving company in Boston MA today for a free estimate!

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