When to Consider Move Management Services

Haven’t moved in awhile and realized you and your family have acquired just too much stuff to deal with? Or perhaps you can’t stay organized or keep to a set schedule. Let Mastodon Moving LLC help you manage your move.

Move management is a service our professional moving company provides homeowners because sometimes we need a little help.

Types of Move Management Services

Moving management can be useful to homeowners in a variety of situations. For example, those who are looking to move into a senior living community may be stressed about changing their living situation. A move manager can help ease this transition. At Mastodon Moving LLC, we’ll sit down with you for an initial consultation and discuss your moving goals. We can help you organize, pack, donate, toss, or store items.

Homeowners with young children to look after may also be overwhelmed with all the work they need to get done. Mastodon Moving LLC can help with the burden of packing and organizing so you have more time with your family. We provide packing and unpacking services — simply ask and we’ll make sure you don’t have to lift a finger!

Move Management for Long Distance Moves

For those that are planning a long distance move, it’s highly recommended that you request moving management. Long distance moves are more logistically tricky and Mastodon Moving LLC wants to make sure that all your belongings make it to your new destination safely and efficiently. Our professional movers will sit down with you and plan out a calendar of what needs to be done before the actual move-out date. Be sure to tell your moving company if you have any high value items, extra large items and how many rooms you need packed so that they can plan accordingly.

Not sure how much a move manager will cost? Contact our Ashland MA movers today at 774-421-9004 for a free estimate!

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