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When Buying a New Home, Look for These Storage Features

These days, Gen Xers and Millennials are ruling the homebuying landscape. Not only that, but they are approaching homes, more specifically home storage, much differently than their Baby Boomer elders. As designs and styles of homes have evolved over the last decade or so, one thing has become abundantly clear: clutter is despised. The homebuyers of today are looking for convenient storage spaces that make grabbing packed away items a breeze. After all, who wants to go digging through various boxes in their basement or attic just to find one or two things? Not too many people, most likely. For those on the house hunt, the following are some of the most coveted storage features buyers are keeping an eye out for. Check them out!

Closet Space

Closet space is, and likely always will be, a highly desired feature in any home. Without closets, one would have to get incredibly creative as to where and how they stored their items. While Millennials and Gen Xers are less interested in accumulating items and storing them away for a rainy day, having ample storage space does relieves your home of clutter. Plus, having a decent amount of closet space spread throughout your home will save other rooms, like your guest room or office, from becoming dumping grounds for storage overflow. Sometimes, homeowners will absolutely fall in love with a space and ignore the fact they hardly have places to put things. Be sure to keep closet space in mind when shopping around for your home.

Laundry Room

When you move into your own home, gone are the apartment days of lugging your laundry down flights of stairs to the basement laundry or down the street to the nearest laundromat. Yet, having a washer and dryer in your home sometimes isn’t enough. As you look at more and more homes, you’ll discover laundry units can be placed in all sorts of strange spaces, like your kitchen, which is why a laundry room is such a highly sought-after amenity. Besides, having a laundry room gives you a place for all detergents and softeners, an ironing board, and clothes that need to be hung up. Not only does this keep everything in one designated area, it also keeps dirty clothing and laundry related things out of the living space.

Walk-In Pantry

If there’s one area of the home you want to avoid excess clutter, it’s the kitchen. If you’ve ever lacked for cabinet storage or general space in your kitchen, you’ve probably come to the quick realization that it doesn’t take long for items to accumulate on your counter. So, to avoid this, a feature you should keep an eye out for is a walk-in pantry. Having a dedicated place to store a majority of your kitchen goods and foodstuffs not only makes for a cleaner kitchen but also a generally organized cooking area. Pantries are perfect for storing small appliances that would go on the counter, cleaning supplies, extra food, and a recycling bin or two.

Instead of paying too much attention to the cosmetic features of your prospective home, take a look at its bones. See if there is adequate storage space for you and your family, as that is what’s going to be more important than the wall color in a decade’s time. Your desired amount of storage ultimately depends on you and your general lifestyle but there are other things to complain about in life aside from having too much storage. Keep the important things in mind when shopping around for a home, and happy hunting!

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