What’s all the Fuss About Living in Newton?

Aside from the facts that the delicious Fig Newton cookie was named after the town, or that Clint Eastwood has decided to move and run for mayor, Newton MA is a wonderful place to live if anyone is looking to permanently reside in the Boston area.

So, what makes this town such a best-seller? Here are a few reasons.

  1. Living in Newton is convenient. The D Line branch of the MBTA’s Green Line rail ends in Newton, which means those who live in the town and work in the city get the benefit of public transportation. There are also I-90 express buses that run throughout the week, or simply hop in your car to drive the 7 miles into the city yourself.
  2. The education is superb. Thinking about theology school? Andover Newton is the nation’s oldest in that regard. Boston College, Mount Ida College and Lasell College also call Newton home, along with thousands of students who flock to the area every September. Have kids still in grade school? The town is small enough that there is always a school within walking distance.
  3. It’s chock full of history. Aside from the Fig Newton cookie being introduced in 1891, the town of Newton is home to where Katharine Lee Bates wrote “America the Beautiful,” the Newton History Museum (a stop on the Underground Railroad), and Bullough’s Pond which is a reflection of the area’s rich milling history.
  4. The food & drink is wicked good, kid. You can’t go wrong when looking for good food and drink in the Newton area. Sit down to enjoy a micrbrew from the Biltmore Bar, grab a movie at the Showcase Superluxe, or enjoy farm-fresh food at Farmstead Table which uses local ingredients.
  5. There’s an abundance of outdoor activities. Take your family to the Chestnut Hill Reservoir and walk around it’s mile-long perimeter. Want to fish or swim? Head to Newton’s Crystal Lake on a nice day. If you feel like understanding how Boston Marathon runners feel, head up Heartbreak Hill on Grant and Commonwealth Ave to Hammond Street.

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