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What to Know About Renting a Storage Unit for Your Move

When going through the motions of a move, the thought might dawn on you (more than once) that you possess too many items. Having a lot of home items isn’t a problem, of course, but they can get in the way of maintaining a smooth move. So, a perfect option for those who find themselves knee deep in the process is to rent a storage unit. Not only do they serve as a safe space for your furniture and personal belongings, but they can also keep any extra items organized long after your move is complete. However, there are some aspects you need to consider before renting one. Check them out below!

Reserve Quickly

As soon as your move is decided, make moves to rent a storage unit. Storage facilities offer tons of units in all shapes and sizes, but they can be snatched up fast. If you plan on only using the storage unit for your move, know that short-term rental options are available to you. If you plan on taking advantage of a short-term rental, do so quickly to ensure you have the necessary extra space for your move.

Be Aware of the Rules

You can’t just store anything within a storage unit. There are a number of rules pertaining to which items are allowed and which are not, and these rules can change depending on the facility you choose. Examples of items that typically aren’t permitted include, hazardous materials, firearms, flammable items, and foodstuffs. It’s important to run through this list with the facility of your choice prior to moving your belongings into a unit, especially if you want to avoid violating any rules. Also, by storing prohibited goods in your rented unit you could be exposing your personal items to potential danger and damage.

Security Matters

When you elect to rent a storage unit, you’re going to want a facility that keeps your belongings as safe as possible. You can do this by assessing the security of said facility. This includes looking for alarmed units, security cameras, and gated access. Another safety aspect you should look for is the presence of a smoke detector or fire alarm. This way, your items may be kept safe from accidental smoke or fire damage. It’s one thing to just rent a storage unit but renting a storage unit with additional security benefits should be your ultimate goal. Having a smooth move definitely doesn’t involve stolen or damaged home items, so make sure your storage rental can keep your items protected.

A storage unit can be the perfect answer to your home item woes, particularly if there are just too many of them. Being able to offload your possessions into your own designated storage space can be a real lifesaver during any move, so keep it in mind if you find yourself drowning in personal belongings. If you require moving help beyond item storage, get in touch with our team here at Mastodon! Give us a call at 774-421-9004 or fill out an online contact form.

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  1. It’s good that you point out that renting a personal storage unit can be useful during a move. I’m moving to a new house soon and I’m considering renting a storage unit to make the process easier. I’m going to look for a good self-storage facility in my area to use.

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