What To Do When Your Moving Date is During an Expected Snow Storm?

It’s REALLY coming down in the Boston area right now and road conditions are looking less than ideal. You’re probably thinking “Thankfully my moving date isn’t right now!” However, the Massachusetts coastline area is supposed to be hit with a few more snow showers throughout the next few days. So if you’re moving at all during the month of February, it’s probably a good idea to be prepared for some snow.

How to Deal With Snow on Moving Day

First things first, always be aware that you have every right to call your moving company and simply reschedule your moving date to one where the weather isn’t looking so grim. Be advised that depending on when you cancel there could be a small cancellation fee for some Boston moving companies. It’s important to make the decision as early as possible; always be checking the developing weather in the area you’re moving to and from.

If your moving company has called you stating that they’re still on for the original moving date and you have no issues sticking with the schedule, then here are a few things you can do to make things easier:

  • Plow or shovel your driveway. Although moving companies such as Mastodon Moving have heavy duty moving trucks, it’s still nice to have a clear path for the truck so no one accidentally drives off the driveway and onto the lawn. It will also be easier to deploy a ramp if the driveway is clear of snow.
  • Shovel a path to all entrances. It’s likely that your moving company will be moving furniture out of your old home and into your new home through multiple entrance ways. Be sure to have a clear path for the moving crew by shoveling the walkway, stairs and — if you can — salt the ground to prevent slips and falls. Although Mastodon Moving is a full insured company, it would be a bummer to have one of our crew hurt on the job and lose a box-full of your possessions in the process.
  • Prepare your floors. If you haven’t already, be sure to roll up any area rugs and move them out of the entrance ways where there will sure to be some snow tracked into the area. A wet rug can often mean a moldy rug later, and no one wants to bring that into a new home! Have mops, rags or even a fan at the ready to keep things dry. Mastodon Moving will always supply carpet and hardwood floor protectors in the event of a rainy or snowy day — but not all moving companies come this prepared!

Ready to tackle your move to or from the Boston area? Contact our full service moving company today. Snow, rain, or shine, we’ll make sure the job is done as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

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