Use These Tips When Moving to Boston for the First Time

So, you’ve been living on the outskirts all this time and now you’re finally moving to Boston. Say goodbye to that long commute (for the most part) and hello to city living. Even if you spend a lot of your free time in the city, or work in Boston, you likely aren’t familiar with everything that encompasses living life in the city. Life transitions come hand in hand with any move, and moving to the concrete jungle is no exception. Help prepare yourself for the whirlwind with these moving tips!

1.) Down Size

Unless you have a cushy, high paying job, you’re likely not moving into a penthouse apartment. Preparing yourself for a smaller living environment involves reducing the number of belongings you have. For some this is easy, and for others it’s a complete nightmare. A smart idea would be to sell items you no longer need, because then you’ll have some extra cash to put towards city living. Living in a small space can be cramped, yet cozy. Just revel in the fact that you’ve transplanted yourself into the city while also giving your possessions a much needed clean out.

2.) Have a Firm Grasp on Your Budget

Almost everything tends to be more expensive in the city, sadly enough. You might find yourself craning your neck to make sure you’re reading prices correctly at supermarkets, gas stations, and clothing stores. In order to keep your head above water, have the firmest grip possible on your money. Not so much that you don’t even allow yourself to have fun, but enough that you aren’t scrambling for pennies at the end of every month. Did you go out a lot last weekend? Perhaps have a couple of nights where you stay in the following week and weekend. Everything is about balance when it comes to finances and budgeting.

3.) Give Yourself Time to Acclimate

Moving to the city for the first time can be mildly overwhelming. You’re going to have moments where you think the whole move was a giant mistake, but this is normal. So many life changes at once make for a maelstrom of emotions, and you’re going to experience all sorts of highs and lows once the packing boxes have been cleared away. Our advice? Give yourself a year to acclimate. Moving is hard and transitions are harder, so go with the motions for a bit before throwing in the towel and making overarching judgements.

These three tips do not even begin to cover the scenarios you’ll find yourself in upon moving to the city. These tips don’t just apply to Boston, either. Moving to any city comes with a handful of challenges, but the outcome of your move all depends upon how you handle said challenges. Just remember, be aware of your finances and don’t jump the gun every time something bad happens. If you can do that, you’ll soon be wondering how you ever could have lived anywhere else.

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