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Tips to Stay Organized During a Big Move

Going through a move can be a very exciting, yet stressful and chaotic time for people. There are so many moving parts and so much going on, it’s easy for some things to get lost or misplaced in the shuffle. That is why it is so important to stay organized during a move. Especially in the weeks and days leading up to the big day.

Let’s just say you’ve done your research and have already chosen a trustworthy, reputable moving company… perhaps Mastodon Moving for example. Once you have a moving company and have a move-in date set and all the other logistics are set and ready to go. Now, it’s time to start packing. Depending on how much stuff you’re moving it can seem pretty overwhelming at first, and hard to find a place to start.

Moving Organization Tips

There are two main starting point options, both serve the same function essentially, but are just different ways to go about it. First is making a list of everything you are taking with you on your big move. Yes a physical list, go around your house or apartment and write down everything you are taking with you, this way, while you’re packing everything up you can simply just check things off as you go. Another way to do this is instead of making a list of things you are taking with you, throw out or get rid of anything you are not. This way you know that everything you have left is getting packed up because you have already gotten rid of all the undesirables.

Packing Tips for Homeowners

Once you have completed either one of these steps, it’s time to start packing. Making sure you have all the necessary supplies before this step is crucial. Take a look at our blog that talks about getting packing supplies on a budget. It is important to keep similar items together, this may seem like a no-brainer but in the chaos of the move, it’s easy to just throw anything in any box. Try to pack similar supplies together, and if you can, go even further and create subsets of items. For example, instead of having three boxes of clothes, have one box with pants and sweaters, one box of shorts and t-shirts, and one box with socks and underwear. Of course, appropriate labels are necessary on every box that is packed up.

These steps may seem tedious but packing correctly while moving out will make it a thousand times easier for you when moving in. Once you’re moved in you want to just be done with it and get settled as fast as you can, and if you follow these steps you’ll have everything you need properly organized and will know right where to find it. There won’t be any added stress trying to remember where this or that was packed up. Your extreme organization skills will have paid off and it’ll be a quick and painless unpacking process. Before you know it, your new place will feel like home.

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