Burglar Breaking into Home

Tips to Improve Your Home Security

Even if you live in a relatively safe area, your home is always at risk of getting broken into or vandalized. In fact, sometimes burglars will target homes in wealthier areas because of the implication that they will find more high-value items. Keeping your home safe when you are away is easier than ever today with new technology and strategies to keep everything locked down when you are not home.

Below are a few tips to consider in order to keep your Massachusetts home as safe as possible:

Overfilled Mailbox: If you are heading out of town for an extended period of time, it’s possible your mail will fill up in your box. This is a solid indicator that no one has been home for a while, and criminals trying to enter your home will take note. One way to avoid this is ask a friend or family member to head over maybe once a week and empty the box for you.

Home Automation Lights: Most people will think, no lights on? Nobodies home. Installing some home automation services that lets you control the interior and exterior lighting via a smartphone application is an easy solution. With advances in technologies recently, this is a cheap and easy DIY project that can be completed in a weekend or so. Set the lights to come on randomly when you are away to make it seem like someone is always at the house.

Keep the Yard Neat: If you have overgrown shrubs or an unkempt lawn, it will give burglars more cover when sneaking around the yard. This is also another sign that you might not be home as often as other people in the neighborhood.

Light Your Area Up: Adding exterior motion sensor lights will light up anytime someone or something enters the specified area in your yard. When the lights suddenly come on, it will scare the potential burglar and they’ll run for it.

Don’t Brag About Upcoming Vacations: Admit it, you may have been guilty of this one in the past. Unfortunately, it’s possible that someone that you are friends with on Facebook will take note and attempt to steal from you. If you must post it to social media, wait until after your trip to post.

By just following these simple tips, you can feel a little bit better about going away for an extended period of time or taking a vacation. When traveling, it’s important to relax and knowing there is no chance of someone entering your home will give you that peace of mind to truly enjoy your vacation.

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