Tips for Moving with Children and Pets

Moving your family is not only stressful on adults, children and pets can also feel the effects of a move. In order to make the transition process as seamless as possible, here area  few tips to prepare your children and pets for a move in Massachusetts.

Include your children in the moving plans

Build up some hype for what the new space will entail to get your kids excited for the upcoming move. Show them some photos of the new house, and rooms they  might end up living in. Make a game where you brainstorm new ideas for how they can decorate the new place and even maybe possibilities of new play sets in the backyard or other things they might enjoy. By doing this you can give them an idea of what your new home will look like and ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible for them by allowing them to picture how things will be in the new home.

For pets you can purchase a pheromone scent diffuser.  Available at many pet store retailers and online, these emit calming animal pheromones that can help your pets feel right at home, even in an unfamiliar place! All you have to do is plug one in, before you arrive at your new home and when your pets arrive they will feel relaxed. If your pets struggle in the car,  there are many spray options for the car as well.

Get your kids involved with the move by “play packing”, where they can ‘pack’ some of their small sentimental items in their very own tote or shoebox and allow them to help load up the car.

To prepare pets a few months prior to moving, take out their designated carrier, place it somewhere accessible (living room for example) and give them treat every time they either get in the carrier or go near it. This will allow them to feel rewarded every time they get near or in the carrier and not feel as nervous when moving day comes.

One last thing you can do (assuming you are making a move that is within a short driving distance) is to bring your kids and pets to a play ground or go for a walk in your new neighborhood to get them familiar with the area and allow them to picture themselves there.

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