Tips for Moving Out After College

So, you’ve lived at college for the last 4 years and now it’s time to move home. Most people love their parents, but, unless you get along with them impeccably, the thought of moving home might be incredibly off-putting. After all, you did just come off 4 years of freedom. If you’re the fortunate sort who lands a great job after college and has the financial stability to move out, you might need a few pointers on just how to do that. For all of you fresh graduates looking to strike out on their own for the first time, let’s go over some tips to make this ride as smooth as possible.

Save, Save, Save

Even if your job pays very well, living on your own comes with many financial surprises and responsibilities. Prior to moving out, and even after you’re on your own, it’s important to pool your finances to prepare for anything that might crop up in the first few months. Once you’ve been on your own for a bit, you’ll have a much stronger sense of what you can and cannot do with your money. Please try to refrain from eating out for every lunch and dinner you consume.

Understand Balance

As much as you want for everything in your life to pan out, you must understand that certain things take time. If you choose to move to the city, chances are you’re going to meet several people your age who appear to have it all. They have the seemingly perfect job, a large income, a beautiful apartment, and they were able to accomplish all of that within the same amount of time you have also had on this earth. These instances will happen more times than you’re going to like, but life is not a competition unless you treat it like one. Keep in mind that you were able to move out on your own, which is already a huge feat in today’s postgraduate landscape. Work hard, stay kind, and understand that you’re going to have to pay your dues while you’re still young. A good life takes time, it’s not something that happens overnight.

Try Not to Move Back Home

You love your parents and they are great, not to mention they buy plenty of delicious snacks every week. However, know that moving out after college is a rare feat these days. If you can move out right after college, chances are you can make it on your own for the foreseeable future. The idea of moving back home can be enticing simply for the fact that you’ll be saving yourself an incredible amount of money. But, you didn’t move out to roll in money. Besides, if you can move out after college it’s likely you’re not struggling terribly. Embrace your freedom and strive to be financially independent, while kindly ignoring your parents’ pleas for you to return home for x, y, and z reasons.

While these may not be moving tips in the typical sense, moving out after college is a big deal. Aside from having to get your things from point A to point B, truly living on your own for the first time is a defining moment. The next few months will be filled with lessons both big and small, so try your best to take everything in stride. Some days things will seem utterly terrible and others will be beautiful, but such is life. Enjoy life on your own, with all the pros and cons that come with it.

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