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This Season’s Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Make this summer the one in which you finally get around to remodeling your kitchen! There are so many beautiful historic homes in the greater Boston area, but sometimes certain rooms can be outdated. One of the best investments you can make is to remodel your home’s kitchen.

Not only will a kitchen remodel make your home more function, but also when it comes time to sell your house, the listing price will be much higher than it would have been without the upgrade. We’ve asked the Boston area’s best remodeling companies and interior designers what the hottest kitchen trends are right now. Here are the answers we got:

  • Subway Tile Backsplash. It’s all about the subway tiles these days. Homeowners are looking for something sleek and affordable, and subway tiles are the best of both worlds. For a minimalist look, opt for all white; for something a bit more eye-catching, try adding in a colored subway tile randomly that serves to pull in your kitchen’s color scheme.
  • White Cabinets, Dark Knobs. Get a fresh clean look with white kitchen cabinets that serve to brighten up the room. This is especially useful for those whose kitchens don’t get much natural sunlight. Tone things down a bit by pairing the cabinets with dark knobs and handles. To showcase that beautiful crystal glassware, make a few cabinets see-through.


  • Island with Breakfast Booth. If your kitchen is large enough, adding a center island with a breakfast booth is one of the best remodeling ideas — and it can drastically improve your home’s value whenever you decide to sell. Your kitchen should be a gathering point for you and your family, so why not add a feature in the room that allows people to congregate?
  • Butcher Block Counters. Sure, marble counter tops would be nice to have, but if you have a lot of counter space, ordering this much marble or granite can get very expensive very quickly. Butcher block counter tops are a great alternative for homeowners who want more of a rustic vibe in their kitchen. Keep in mind that these counter tops will require a bit more care than other types, but the rustic look is worth it!
  • Tile Flooring. Although many homeowners might think that tile flooring should stay strictly in the bathroom, many homeowners are forgoing the wood floors and opting for quality stone floors instead. Not only are stone tile floors more durable than wood flooring, but they also last longer. There’s no more need to refinish your floors or replace a warped board. However it’s important to note that stone tiles don’t retain heat as well as wood, which is why most homeowners choose to install a heated floor system beneath their floor tiles.

Remodeling your kitchen can be a daunting task, especially now that school is out and your kids are home for the summer season. However, there’s no better time than now to get the project underway now that the weather is nice.

If you’re thinking about a kitchen revamp, contact our Boston area moving and storage company to rent a storage space for any kitchen furniture or supplies that need to be removed from the room during construction.

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