This Boston Neighborhood is Now Labeled as Endangered

Due to a limited amount of space and the demand for more buildings, downtown Boston’s historic neighborhoods are in danger. According to Preservation Massachusetts, the Ladder Blocks are at the top of the list as an endangered neighborhood. The neighborhood spans from School Street to Boylston Street and runs between Tremont Street and Washington Street. On a map, the roads between Tremont and Washington create ladder rungs.

The Danger of Boston’s Increasing Popularity

Millennium Tower and Millennium Place are two major residential projects that straddle the Ladder Blocks. On a positive note, the call for more residential space in the area means it’s thriving. Unfortunately a thriving market could mean trouble for the Ladder Blocks. Believed to be a quiet, secluded neighborhood in the heart of Boston, this may no longer be the case in a few short years.

“Preservation Massachusetts is very concerned about the large-scale development proposals in the area and the potential loss of some of the city’s fine historic fabric and character,” said Jim Igoe, president of Preservation Massachusetts.

The Next Steps to Preserve the Ladder Blocks

After The Boston Globe labeled the Downtown Crossing area as the city’s next up-and-coming residential space, the demand for an apartment in the area has skyrocketed. Since Preservation Massachusetts labeled the Ladder Blocks as endangered, steps will now be taken to ensure that urban planning takes into account the city’s older areas.

It’s important not to overcrowd the area with residents and high rises, and the preservation society is fully invested in keeping the special character and charm of this neighborhood by working together with the city and building contractors.

Where Do You Move Now?

If you’re currently living in the Boston area, you’ve probably become accustomed to construction cranes and buildings on the rise. As one of Boston’s premier full service moving companies, our team of movers is constantly making trips into the city — and we’ve noticed a trend lately: More couples are starting to look elsewhere.

As rent increases in the city, Boston’s suburbs are looking more and more enticing for couples who are looking to start a family. What our Boston moving company wants current city residents to know is that the suburbs provide the same amenities and features as Boston’s older neighborhoods. Places like Newton and Natick are fully focused on keeping their historic charm, all while welcoming young families and small businesses.

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