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Things to Leave Behind When Moving

Usually when a family considers moving they think about all the items that they want to safely pack and bring with them to the new home. But did you know that some of those items could be left behind, donated, or sold in order to save you time and money on moving day? 

Let’s explore what those items are, from the bulky and awkward couches to the specially made curtains for that off-size window. We have some ideas on how you can leave items behind during your big move. 

What Do You Mean “Leave Behind?”

As professional movers, we have seen many families ask us to load items onto the truck that they will probably get rid of once they get to their new home. Things that don’t match their new decor or items that are past their prime are typically what we mean by items that can be left behind. 

We are, in no way, telling homeowners to leave their junk for the next owner. However, there are some items that could (and should) be sold, donated, or gifted to the new homeowners. Here are those items. 

Curtains and Shades 

Think about the windows in your home and the windows that you will have in your new home. What are the chances that the curtains will match the right size and functionality in one home to the next?

Once you realize that your curtains no longer coordinate with the color scheme of your new home or fit the existing windows, you may want to ask the buyers if they would like you to leave the curtains. This way, they will have something on the windows in the first few weeks, until they can find something that they want to replace them with. 


Refrigerators, stoves, and microwaves are bulky items that take some effort to move and take up some serious real estate in your moving van. If your new home already has appliances or you plan to purchase new ones, you may also want to consider gifting your current appliances to the new owners to save space on your moving truck. 

Old Furniture 

If you plan to purchase a new couch, chairs, or rugs for your new place, consider donating your current furniture to a nonprofit like: the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, AMVETS, and Goodwill. Not only will you get a tax deduction on the donated goods, but you will save space on your moving truck. And think of the fun you will have picking out new furnishings!

Garage Tools 

The garage tends to be the dumping grounds for old and damaged items in any home. Take a look around your garage and be realistic about what tools should be trashed and which ones you will want to bring with you. 

Cleaning out the garage of rusty, damaged tools can save some serious space and time on moving day. 

Books & Clothing 

I like to group these two types of items together because they are easy to donate to a charity or sell on Facebook Marketplace or a local consignment shop. 

Books tend to be very heavy and can take up space in moving boxes very quickly. Clothing that is out of style or no longer fits can clutter up a closet in no time. Therefore, we suggest taking some time to go through each closet and bookshelf to determine what you really want to bring with you. 


Finally, the bane of every family’s existence – the never ending pile of papers, bills, and mail! 

If you have files and piles of papers, now is the time to sort through them, get organized, and maybe consider going digital (or at least scan your bills) to be able to shred the years worth of documents you may have before you. 

Take each of these categories and consider what items you can leave behind either by donating, trashing, or gifting. You will be surprised how your moving load will decrease as you tackle each area. 

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