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Things To Consider For Your Cross Country Move

Moving can be an indicator of an exciting time in a family’s life. It could be the product of a new (or better) job for a family member, a desire to find a better neighborhood or region, or a life event, like a marriage, that causes the move to occur. 

Moving in general, regardless of the exciting reasons behind it, can be a bit stressful. Moving clear across the country, therefore, can be downright overwhelming. 

Long distance moving is probably one of the toughest types of moves, second only to international moving. To make your cross country move less stressful, we have worked with our team on a few things that you should consider should you face a cross country move. 

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Hire Experience Cross Country Movers

All movers are not created equal. 

Some specialize in apartment moving, downsizing, or commercial moving only. Then there are those who are experienced movers who have years of professional practice in successfully moving homes and businesses across the country. 

Mastodon Moving is one of those companies who has been helping people take the stress out of moving locally, state-to-state, or even clear across the country. Our team promises something that not all movers can offer. The same team that packed up your home in one state will be the same group who will unpack you in your new home, no matter how many thousands of miles away that new address is. It’s something that sets us apart from our competitors and allows us to know exactly what special needs each item may have when loading into the new home, because we were the team that loaded it in the truck to begin with. 

Compare Moving Companies 

While you may be able to Google “long-distance moving companies” and come up with a short list of businesses in your area that could move your home, check the details before you hire one of them. 

Ask questions about hidden expenses as well as request a cost calculation. Knowing what items in your home will be difficult to move or cost you more to move than to sell could change your strategy for moving.  Ask about any large items or high value items that may cost more or require special storage, crating, or wrapping for safety purposes. All of this research can help your moving experience be much less stressful. 

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Create a Home Inventory 

We are not suggesting you write down every item in your home, but rather take an inventory of items that you will be bringing with you and those that you may be able to donate, sell, or put out with the trash. 

Remember, moving long distance may mean a change in climate and a change in thought process. For instance, will you really need your snow blower in San Diego if you are moving from Maine? Probably not. 

Make a list of items that are high priority to bring with you such as personal items, furniture, artwork, children’s items, seasonal items, and the list could go on and on. 

While making this list, however, you may find that you are willing to let the buyers of your current home have the 10 year old refrigerator and the air conditioning units you have stored in the garage rather than haul them into the moving truck. Your new home may have better appliances or central air that will allow you to offer some items to the new owners of the house or donate them to a worthy charity. 

Make Advance Plans for Children & Pets 

If you think moving is hard on you, think about the anxiety your children and pets may be going through not knowing the details or being able to control any of the outcomes. 

Therefore, it is imperative that you make plans to alleviate some of the stress. To do this, you may need to make a trip or two to your new home to introduce your child(ren) to the new neighborhood, school, or house. Just seeing what is yet to come can put some children at ease and let them know that the move is a good thing and not something to be feared. 

For pets, you may want to arrange for care during the packing and moving portion of the event. This can be a very anxious time for your pet and they can sense that something is about to happen. Read our blog on moving with a pet for more ideas on comfort measures. 

A Final Word…

Moving long distances is undoubtedly going to be stressful. Choose your moving company carefully and arm yourself with knowledge about what the move will be like to make your change in location a happy one. 

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