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The Ultimate Homeowner Fall Season Checklist

The official Fall season kicks off next week and there’s so much to do between now and the holiday season. Fall in the greater Boston area is a beautiful time of year; the leaves are changing and the weather is mild. However, this season is also time to prepare your home for winter.

Our moving company in Boston has a few Fall season tips for how to best prepare your home for the impending bad Northeastern weather that’s just around the corner.

Fall Season Homeowner Tips

  • Exterior Projects. Be sure to contact a local-area roofing company to get your gutters cleared of falling leaves and debris, as well as repair any questionable-looking roof shingles. Don’t forget to have your storm windows and doors re-installed so that you can ensure no heat is escaping from your home this winter.
  • Interior Projects. There’s plenty to do inside the house! First things first, you’ll want to look for any mold problems that may have developed over the summer months. Getting rid of mold before you and your family are stuck inside the house this winter is a better decision for your health. Don’t forget to call an HVAC company and have your furnace looked at and your ductwork cleaned.
  • General Fall Cleanup. Take advantage of the mild weather this Fall and have a yard sale of items that you don’t need. There’s always that extra patio furniture, old pool equipment or outdated recreational equipment you haven’t gotten around to using this summer that can be curbed or given away. If you have an indoor fireplace, don’t forget to stock up on wood. That being said, be sure that your smoke and CO detectors are working properly.

What do you do to prepare your Boston area home for the Fall? Let us know in the comments section or reach out to us here on Facebook. If you plan on moving at the end of the Fall or early winter, now is the time to schedule a moving date with Mastodon Moving LLC. Contact us today!

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