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The Ultimate First Time Homeowner Checklist

Have you and your significant other finally decided to move from your rental apartment in the city to a full-sized home in the suburbs of Boston? Our full service moving company has helped move dozens of couples into a larger space in preparation for starting a family.

If there’s one thing you need to know about being a first time homeowner: it doesn’t come easy — which is why our Boston movers have decided to give you the ultimate homeowner checklist for those who aren’t quite sure what to do once you’re handed the keys.

Start Cleaning

  • Wash cabinets, counter tops, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures
  • Swiffer, mop and sanitize all hardwood or tile flooring
  • Contact a professional carpet cleaning company and have your carpets deep cleaned
  • Dust vents, fans baseboards, and crown molding

Make Service Calls

  • It’s always a good idea to have your HVAC system and ductwork inspected and cleaned
  • Contact pest control companies and have your home treated for termites, mosquitoes, carpenter ants and rodents
  • Be sure to contact your utility companies and confirm they have your new address and ask what date your first meter reading will be

Address Home Security

  • If your home isn’t a new build, be sure to change the locks and add deadbolts
  • Improve outdoor lighting by installing automatic motion sensor lights around your garage and doors
  • Have a professional test and inspect your smoke detectors or replace old batteries with new ones
  • Have a fire escape plan laid out. If you need help rearranging furniture to ensure a safe and timely exit in the event of an emergency, contact our in-home moving company today.

Contact us at Mastodon Moving LLC today for all your home moving needs!

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