The Procrastinator’s Guide to Moving

No matter how excited you are for your big move, procrastination can be a huge problem when it comes to getting the boxes packed, areas decluttered, or the long list of things-to-do completed. We’re here to help all those procrastinators out there stay on task and successfully move without losing your mind. 

Before you Begin

Ok procrastinators, we see you. Yes you.

We know your tricks and all the pitfalls that occur every time you try to get something accomplished. We have a few suggestions before we give you our professional advice on getting your packing and moving project completed. 

  • Put away all distractions including the tv, phone, tablet, and anything shiny that catches your attention. Having your full attention on the task of packing and moving is best, especially if you are in a time crunch. 
  • Get your comfy clothes on…this could get messy. 
  • Call up a few friends that can keep you on track and help you pack. 
  • Don’t “panic pack.” That’s when you will make mistakes like over pack boxes with heavy items or start shoving your belongings in trash bags. 

Prepare Before You Start 

We know preparing in advance is not the strength of a procrastinator’s tool kit. In fact, quite the opposite is true, so you may want to enlist the help of a few organized friends who can get you started. 

  • Schedule your moving company. They can help with packing as well as offer lots of tips on how to efficiently get the move completed with as few hassles as possible. 
  • Buy or gather your supplies for moving. This should include boxes (of all sizes), bubble wrap for those breakables, packing tape, labels, and lots of coffee. 
  • Declutter while you prepare to pack. 
  • Clear an area of one room (preferably near a door) that you can start stacking all the boxes for your moving company. 
  • Make a checklist that you can add too and cross off as you go. Seeing your progress can be a great motivator. 
  • Buy or make labels that can help you keep track of what has been packed in each box. 

Work Your Way Down 

Now that you have all of your supplies and equipment needed (along with some friends to help) you should create a plan on which rooms you will pack first and the ones that can wait till closer to move day. 

We always suggest starting with your most difficult room and working your way down to your easiest room. For most people, the kitchen proves to be the most difficult, with its myriad of items in cabinets, all the way down to the bathrooms that tend to be smaller and often have their own storage containers to begin with. 

Make a list of rooms and start packing away, making sure to label each box and keep an eye on the clock as you do each task. 

Warning: As you pack, you will inevitably find nostalgic pieces that may deter you from getting the job done. Avoid losing too much time by placing those pieces aside for the time being to take a look at during a break. 

Purge As Much As Possible

People who tend to be procrastinators in the moving process also tend to be procrastinators in the cleaning process. With this in mind, we suggest that you clean and purge as much as you can as you pack. The less you have to move, the better. 

Keep two trash bags near you as you pack each room; one for donations and one for things that can go out with the trash. 

Save Time Where Possible 

Taking each item of clothing off the hanger and folding it for boxing can be time consuming. If you have the ability to skip the step of folding and moving your items on the hanger either in garment bags or by getting creative with plastic bags, do it! 

The same goes for clearing our bureaus and dressers; if your moving company plans to wrap the items you may be able to move them with the clothes already inside! 

Talk to our experienced team at Mastodon Moving for more tips that will get you moving successfully. 

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