The Forgotten Aspects of Moving

With so many things going on during a move, it is easy to forget a part of it. Be sure to read over these tips, to make sure that your move to or from Boston goes well and that you are avoiding any major issues.

  1. Remove heavy items from your dresser drawers. Perhaps you think you are done packing the night before your move, and suddenly spy a dresser in the corner of your bedroom, full of clothes and glassware. For a dresser that is a little sturdier, you can usually leave the clothes inside to be moved as is.

    For an older, possibly antique dresser, you will want to remove everything inside. The reason being that if the leg of the dresser breaks, everything inside of it will break on it’s way down. To ensure your antique furniture is moved properly, you’ll want to hire a full service, high value item moving company in Boston such as Mastodon Moving LLC.

  2. You will need a parking spot for the truck at both homes. If you don’t plan this out, the day of spots can be very hard to find, and leave your movers walking blocks with your furniture. This can cause prices to skyrocket, and the move itself to drag on. Be aware that any parking tickets the truck receives are the responsibility of the client.

    Luckily with Mastodon Moving LLC, we have an up-to-date movers permit which means we can park legally throughout the streets of Boston in order to help apartment or home owners move. This means no paying for tickets and a fast move that’s only a few steps from door to truck.

  3. Reserve an elevator. Most apartments prepare their elevators with padding on the day of a move. If you fail to reserve one, you could be left waiting for minutes – with movers just standing there holding your furniture. For large apartments, the owners will often leave a sign for other apartment dwellers stating that this elevator is off-limits.
  4. Lastly, label each box per room. That way, when you are alone in your new home, you can open boxes and start putting away things in the right spots. If you despise the idea of packing up your belongings yourself and unpacking them at your new home, our full service moving company in Boston is here to help you with packing and unpacking services. We’ll label everything, too!

Looking to move to or from Boston and need some help? Contact our professional and affordable moving company today!

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