The Complex Process of Moving a Pool Table

When moving furniture from place to place, some items may be more difficult than others to transport. Pool tables, antiques and other valuables in your home can cause added stress in a move that you don’t need. If you happen to have a pool table and need to move it, you’ve come to the right place! At Mastodon Moving LLC, we provide professional home moving for the entire greater Boston area and are ready to tackle the big stuff — including your pool table.

Pool tables can be surprisingly heavy and delicate, a task you may not want to take on yourself.

How to Move a Pool Table

  1. Disassemble it. You may think you will be able to move the table yourself, but think about going through hallways and stairwells with a piece of furniture that is hundreds of pounds. You should take apart the table carefully, and label and bag each piece. This way, you won’t lose any part of the table when putting it back together in your new place.
  2. Remove the felt from the top. Removing the felt is the safest way to keep your table from becoming damaged. This part is also the most time consuming, because it isn’t easy to remove the felt covering.  If you hire a full service moving company, these movers will take care of the table for you, and in some cases may also provide a new felt table top.
  3. Be careful moving the pieces. This where it would be wise to hire a moving company! Each piece of the table could weigh over a hundred pounds, and you’ll want to be careful carrying the pieces. Any dent or scratch can alter your gaming experience.
  4. Make room in your new place. You’ll need plenty of room for the table in your new place, and you will want to consider what type of surface you are placing it on.
  5. Reassemble. You should start by putting the legs and frame back together, while the table is upside down. Reapply your felt and be sure to iron out all of the wrinkles on the surface, as your pool game needs the smoothest surface.

Once your table is assembled, you are ready to enjoy many games in your new space. If you want to hire a moving company like Mastodon Moving, we can disassemble and reassemble your pool table in any space! Contact us today for a free estimate.

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