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Secrets to How Our Boston Moving Company Packs Efficiently

If you’ve moved a couple times, chances are you’re familiar with the whole packing experience. Perhaps you’ve even paired down your items to the bare essentials at this point so you don’t have to pack as many items.

For those who haven’t moved very often or it’s been awhile, our professional movers in Boston are here to provide some insight into how we pack so efficiently. The end goal is to always maximize space and ensure that all items are safe and secure inside their respective box or wooden crate.

Professional Packing Tips

  • Pack your plates vertically to reduce cracking and chipping. If you stack your plates horizontally, chances are they could crack if the box shifts during the move.
  • Use the correct size moving boxes for your items. For example, if you have suits or dresses that need to be packed hanging vertically, then be sure to get a specific clothing box. At Mastodon Moving, we provide packing materials and boxes of all shapes and sizes.
  • Pack away all of your decorative items and artwork first and foremost. These may be some of your most valuable items, so you’re going to want to take the time to pack these properly. Use bubble wrap around each item and ensure that there is no extra space within the boxes. If there’s extra space, then this is an invitation for items to shift and break.
  • Make sure all of your boxes are labeled on both the top and the side of the box. Don’t forget that if there are breakable items within to label the box as “Fragile” so that your movers are aware.
  • Tape your boxes on both the top and the bottom! As movers, we’ve had instances where some homeowners won’t use packing tape and instead close the bottom portion of their cardboard box without it. This can be dangerous especially if the box is heavy — it could bottom out.

Are you moving and in need of packing materials? Contact our professional movers in Boston for an on-site estimate.

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