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Reasons Why Mastodon Moving Conducts In-Home Moving Surveys

It is no surprise that moving can be incredibly stressful. Balancing packing your belongings and regular life coupled with work can be a challenging task indeed. This is why Mastodon Moving was created – to lighten the load of the moving process.

Prior to assisting with your move, Mastodon Moving conducts an important assessment known as an in-home moving survey.

Understanding Home Moving Surveys

In-home moving surveys are essential to the moving process, as they provide the company with valuable information that is tantamount to a successful moving process. During the survey, a representative from Mastodon Moving will come and visit your home. Together, you’ll do a walkthrough of the property, and detail almost every item that needs to be moved. You should also describe the objects that require extremely delicate attention, such as antiques or fine china. It is also helpful to describe what items you plan on leaving behind – items that do not need to be packed.

Following the completion of the walkthrough, the representative will discuss the moving plan with you – the possible dates, the number of movers/trucks needed, etc. Pricing will also be discussed, along with any questions or concerns you may have for the company.

How Moving Surveys Benefit Homeowners

Without this survey, both parties would be at a loss. Mastodon Moving would have no true sense of the materials needed, and you would have no idea of how professional Mastodon is as a company. During the survey, it is important to pay close attention to the representative – their timeliness, whether or not they seemed trustworthy, their dress, and whether or not they were good at answering your questions. This provides a feel for the work ethic of the company as a whole.

Once you feel you are ready, feel free to contact Massachusetts based Mastodon Moving at 774-421-9004 for a free estimate, and to possibly schedule your in-home moving survey. Specializing in home, apartment, local, long-distance, or storage moving needs, they’re sure to offer the services you require.


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