Reasons to Move to Cape Cod and the Islands

When all your children leave for college or move away, your home might be feeling a little on the empty side. You may be considering a move somewhere quiet, with things to see and a more relaxed atmosphere.

Consider a move to Cape Cod and the Islands! At just under two hours from Boston, the Cape has everything you could want without being too secluded from the city. Buses can bring you back and forth to Boston, as well as train service. Summers are a hub of activity, with many shops open late and amazing beach sunsets. The ocean water is warm and clear! The fall and winter cool off and many tourists head back home, clearing roads and beach parking lots. When all of the tourists head home, there are still many residents in the area that form close knit neighborhood bonds. 

Benefits of Cape Cod & Island Living

There are many reasons that the Cape is special, and a way of life for many. Just a few of the reasons to consider a move are:

  1. Beaches and ponds available yearlong
  2. Abundant ice cream shops
  3. Fresh seafood and plenty of restaurants
  4. Towns and villages with a lot of variety
  5. Lighthouses
  6. Weather – Cape Cod winters are notoriously mild, and summers are always a bit cooler from the sea breezes
  7. Ferries to Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket that leave from Harwich, Hyannis or Woods Hole. (High Speed options available too!)
  8. Outdoor activities like kayaking, paddle boating, hiking and canoeing in the summer and fall.

Once you are decided on your move to the Cape, we can help get you there! We will board the ferry with you, and make as many trips as necessary to get all your belongings to your new home.

Call or contact us today for an estimate!

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