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Realtor Tips About the Moving Process


Moving can be the start of a new adventure, but the actual moving process can be a bit daunting if you don’t get organized and have some help along the way. Realtors have been helping harried homeowners prepare for the moving process for decades, so they are a great resource to gain helpful hints and advice about how to make the process go smoothly. 

Clear it Out and Pack Light 

broom-1837434__340One of the first things your real estate agent will tell you when you are prepping your house to go on the market is to declutter and clear out any unnecessary items from your house. This serves several purposes. For one, it will clean out any stuff that is laying around that could make the area look cluttered and overcrowded. Plus, taking down personal items will make it much easier for a new family to be able to picture themselves and their “stuff” in the space. Additionally, it will make packing much easier if there is less volume to pack into a moving van. 

Many homeowners find that decluttering is a huge task that can be overwhelming. Some find it easier to separate items into donate, sell, and trash piles in order to make the process go faster. There are many programs in our area that will take used furniture, gently worn clothing, and household items. For example, GoodWill, Salvation Army, the Epilepsy Foundation, or Big Brother Big Sister have free programs that will come right to your door to pick up donations. As an added bonus there is a tax deduction that can be taken every year for material donations. 

Hire A Mover 

home-3370178__340 (1)Realtors know that there are many components to moving that need to come together seamlessly. Having a professional mover can take the mental and physical weight off a family who want to get packing, moving, and settled in a short period of time. Movers can ensure that all valuables are carefully wrapped and crated for moving so they arrive safely to your new home. Having a moving team also means that you are free to direct where you want furniture placed or even where to unpack the dishes, clothing, or special items. Hiring a mover can be a game-changer when it comes to staying on task and on-time for your move. 

Transfer Utilities Before the Move 

Before you make the big move, make a list of all your utilities and get going on changing over your services to the new house. This will ensure that you’ll have the proper functions up and running by the time you arrive. This can include internet, electric, gas, cable, mail delivery, recycling programs, and possibly garbage collection. Don’t forget to also change your mailing address and notify all of your credit cards of the address change. Doing this earlier rather than later can help keep you organized and pay your bills on time. Plus, who wants to arrive at their new home and not have television access during the first week?

Are you planning a move and need help packing, moving, and unpacking? Mastodon Moving offers many services including long-distance moves, moving high-value items, packing/unpacking, and storage options. Call us if you would like to schedule a walkthrough of your items and we can help you begin your next adventure. 

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