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Real Estate 101 with WACA-TV: Choosing a Reputable Moving Company

Finding a moving company with enough experience packing and moving belongings can be difficult. Luckily, Heidi Zizza and Amy Uliss — two Boston area Real estate agents — have done their research and asked JJ Przybylski from Mastodon Moving to get the details regarding what it takes to be a professional moving company.

WACA-TV’s recent Real Estate 101 episode took Realtors Heidi Zizza and Amy Uliss to Ashland where Mastodon Moving is headquartered. When asked what sets professional moving companies apart from mediocre moving companies, owner JJ Przybylski stressed that it’s all in the fine details.

Preparation & Proper Packing is KeyPacking dishware for moving

When tackling a move of any size, it’s all about ensuring that both the home and the owner’s belongings are protected. While most moving companies will only think to protect the items being moved, Mastodon Moving goes one step further to protect the home itself. Covering walls, floors, railings and doorways with pads ensures that neither the furniture nor the house gets damaged.

Realtors Zizza and Uliss echoed the importance of this step. As expert Real estate agents, they have come across multiple instances where moving companies have damaged floors or walls and the buyer asks the current owner to reduce the listed price as a result.

Word to the Wise Regarding Lower-Priced Estimates

As one of Boston’s most elite moving companies, Przybylski wants homeowners to be aware that opting for a low-priced mover comes with risks. These risks include insufficient item protection during the packing process, over-filling or improperly stacking the moving van, and not fully packing items such as not wrapping the legs of tables or desks. Although the cost of a professional moving company may be more up front, you can rest assured that your items will be protected throughout the moving process.

For Mastodon Moving, the goal is to always mitigate risks — and that means taking extra precautions on moving day. The tight-knit team of moving professionals also set the bar high when it comes to customer service. Przybylski stresses the importance of taking the time to answer customer questions in order to alleviate any stress or concerns.

When to Search For and Book a Moving Company114

For one final piece of advice for those looking to move, Realtors Zizza and Uliss asked how far in advance someone should be booking a moving company. Although Mastodon Moving can accommodate a last-minute move, it’s always a good idea to start doing your research 4-5 weeks prior to the moving date. With 3 weeks to go you should be looking to book your moving company. This gives both you and your family as well as the moving company enough time to properly prepare for your move.

Are you planning on scheduling a move this spring or summer? Contact Mastodon Moving today to learn more about our moving capabilities and moving services. To watch the full-length WACA-TV episode, click here.

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