Pointers for Moving Last Minute

Overall, most moves are planned with care. You’ve found your new place, you can pack at your own pace, and you have already hired your moving company. The latter is what a picture-perfect move might look like. Sometimes, however, nothing works out how it’s supposed to and you have to move with hardly any notice. This is a situation you would file under “not ideal”, but it happens. If your move happens falls under the latter category then take a look at our pointers for making a quick, last-minute move.

1.) Get Rid of Junk

One of the unique aspects of making a quick move is that it often translates into being a ruthless packer. It might just be the stress of the situation, but packing under pressure can help you get rid of more stuff you don’t necessarily need. Sorting through junk allows you to let go of what you don’t need, which means having less to pack. Having less to pack simply means you waste less time and energy on that step of the process. Some people like to think that throwing everything they have into boxes saves more time than sorting through all of their items prior to a move, but this is not necessarily the case. If you have to move quickly, you should make it a goal to get rid of as many useless things as possible.

2.) Ask for Help

If you have friends and family that you think will be nice enough to help you move on the fly, ask them! Family is more of a sure bet than likely half of your friends, but you’ll always have friends that are willing to help out regardless of the status of your move. You cannot ask them all willy-nilly, of course, so be sure to have an idea of what you need them to do prior to reaching out for their assistance. The latter also applies to family members. You might feel as though you can ask family last minute, but don’t allow your last-minute move to stress out both you and those you are asking for help.

3.) Get Packing Supplies

While the most cost-effective method would be to utilize used boxes for packing, your limited time window makes purchasing boxes and packing supplies your best option. While you might not be saving money, you’ll certainly be saving yourself time you would otherwise be using to find suitable used materials. If your move is fairly local, you can opt to search for a green mover who will supply you with plastic bins for packing. This quite possibly might be the best option, since it completely eliminates having to find boxes and then get rid of them while also being good for the environment.

Moving last minute definitely isn’t simple or stress-free, but it isn’t impossible either. The best things you can do here are get rid of a lot of your junk, and enlist your friends and family to lend a hand or two. These two steps are crucial for having a smoother move. If you find yourself in a position where your move is last minute then please utilize our suggestions. Also, good luck!

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