Pointers for a Long Distance Move

Long distance moves are kind of a big deal. You might be moving for work, love, family, a mix of all three, or simply just to get far away from where you are now. Regardless of your reason(s), you’re going to have to find a way to get some, or most, of your things to your new place in a timely fashion. Words to the wise, though, long distance moves flow best when planned ahead. So, with that kernel of wisdom, let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to prepare for your long-distance move and remain cheerful throughout the process.

1.) Determine Your Budget

Moving is not cheap, even if you opt to go without hiring a moving company. Remember, long distance moves will always be costlier and more time consuming than a move within your own state. Be realistic about your finances and maybe even round up on certain expenses to give yourself some wiggle room, and a happier wallet if money is left over in the budget.

2.) Downsize

If moving a bunch of your items just isn’t in your budget, your best option is to downsize. This can be a difficult step, especially because if you’re moving far away you’re probably going to want the things surrounding you to remind you of home. However, once you look past the sentimental value it’s easy to determine which items should be kept and which ones should not. If you plan your move thoroughly, you might even have enough time to hold a garage sale for all of the belongings you’d like to get rid of. Nothing like a bit of extra money in your pocket before a move!

3.) Label Boxes

When packing up items for a move, it’s easy to think you’ll have a good idea of which box you put each item into. You notice the color of one box, a company logo on the other, or perhaps a nick in the cardboard you thought you’d remember, but then you arrive at your new home and realize you have not one clue where anything is. All because you didn’t label your boxes. So, when packing, label everything precisely. You’ll only have yourself to thank when it’s time to set everything out again.

4.) Move in the Off Season

This tip very much plays into the “plan ahead” notion. If you find that you just can’t, or don’t, want to part ways with many of your belongings and need to hire a moving company, try doing so in the off season. Moving companies are typically quite busy in the summer months, so if you have time to plan your move then make it for the fall, winter, or early spring. This is a sure way to save yourself some money in the moving process.

Long distance moves aren’t easy, but they don’t have to be horribly daunting either. The best advice we can offer is to simply plan ahead. If you give yourself enough time to get everything sorted, you’ll be sitting pretty by the time move in day rolls around. Utilize our tips if you need some help, and happy moving!

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