A photograph of a nicely kept shed in a backyard.

Packing Your Shed for the Big Move

When it comes to moving tips, you’ll be hard-pressed to find pointers that focus on areas other than the home itself. If you’re moving house and have elected not to hire professional movers, you might find yourself scratching your head regarding what to do with everything in your shed. With spring finally rearing its head, let’s go over a few handy tricks for packing up your shed for your upcoming move.

Remember, Safety Comes First

Your shed is likely a smorgasbord of items ranging from garden tools to grills. If it’s home to a lot of power tools that require fuel or propane, you’ll want to be sure to follow standard procedures for safely removing all gas/propane before loading the tools onto your moving vehicle. Transporting fuel is not recommended either, in addition to highly flammable items like paint and aerosol cans.

Beware the Lawn Tools

Lawn tools come in all shapes and sizes, and a majority of them are sharp. If you have any sheers or pruners in your shed, be sure to wrap them with plenty of bubble wrap and secured with sturdy tape to ensure any injuries are kept to a minimum. For tools that range from the smaller side, use small or medium size boxes to store them after appropriately wrapping sharp items.

Make Room for Patio Furniture

If you have patio furniture kicking around your shed, the best way to pack it up for your move is to disassemble the various pieces you have. This way, you won’t have a massive table and several chairs occupying too much space in your moving vehicle(s). The chair pads belonging to your patio furniture can be stored in garbage bags and placed accordingly. If your outdoor table has a glass table top, carefully wrap the glass and store it in a safe, secure place within your moving truck to prevent any breakage.

When moving, it’s important to have a game plan for your shed instead of tackling it haphazardly after emptying your home of items. After all, everything is easier with a plan. If you think you’ll require more helping hands for your move, get in touch with us. You can call us at 774-421-9004 or fill out an online contact form!

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