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Packing Tips From Our Sudbury Moving Company

Mastodon Moving just completed a move to Sudbury recently where we provided full service moving, which included packing and unpacking services. Every box was labeled with what the contents were and what room it the box needed to be in. The 5 bedroom, 4 full bathroom home was quickly unpacked and set up in one afternoon.

Although packing and unpacking services are convenient and make your move less stressful and more organized, not all homeowners opt for this service from us.

For those not interested in full packing and unpacking service, here are a few tips:

  • When it comes to using moving boxes, size is key. It’s important to put heavier items in smaller boxes so that when lifted the box doesn’t bottom out. Lighter items can be placed in larger boxes.
  • Make sure nothing is rattling around in your boxes. You may have noticed that you can’t fit another object in the box, but there’s still a bit of room at the top. Be sure to fill the rest of the space with packing paper, bubble wrap or packing peanuts.
  • Don’t take the risk of packing expensive items on your own. Most moving companies are fully insured and can handle the packing of high value items for you with special crating services. Mastodon Moving for example builds custom wooden crates for artwork.
  • Roll up area rugs and use masking tape or painter’s tape to hold them together. We recommend rolling the carpets with the fabric side in to protect it from getting damaged.
  • Always have an overnight bag packed up and ready to go for your first night in your new home. Our home movers in Sudbury try to remind families that they’ll want a first night bag and box that’s easily accessible.

Looking for a professional moving company in Sudbury? Contact Mastodon Moving today for a free moving estimate!

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