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Moving to Brookline MA? Take These Homeowner Tips Into Account

Hoping to move closer to the city of Boston but still want that small-town vibe? Brookline offers plenty of big city amenities with a suburban feel. Since the town was incorporated back in the late 1600’s, there are dozens of older homes with charming New England architecture. If you just purchased a home in Brookline, here are a few homeowner tips we recommend!

  • Take on one project at a time. You may have noticed that your new home isn’t perfect; you may need to replace the roof, build a backyard patio, or repaint the walls. Whatever you do, don’t tackle all of these issues at once. Take them one at a time and make sure they are done well and completely finished before starting a new task.
  • Live in your home before changing it. Although the above statement is great homeowner advise, don’t forget to live in your home for a year or so before you undergo major aesthetic changes. You may find that the once hideous green accent wall in the living room has come to grow on you!
  • Meet the neighbors. Brookline is a great place for young families or couples looking to start a family. Get outside and walk around the neighborhood; introduce yourself to anyone on your street who you find outside. Who knows, these strangers could end up being a great lifelong friend and trustworthy neighbor.
  • DIY whenever you can. The fun part about being a homeowner is learning that you can, in fact, do things yourself. For instance, installing an outdoor patio isn’t as difficult as it seems. Replacing doors or windows isn’t time consuming as long as you have the right tools. Whatever the project is, assess whether or not you need a professional.
  • Be prepared for issues. As we mentioned earlier, no home is perfect. Brookline’s older houses may be quaint and charming, but eventually things need to be fixed or replaced. As long as you can determine what aspect of your home may break/need replacing, then the expense won’t be a shock, but instead an expected and worthwhile investment to make.

Whether you’re near Coolidge Corner or Larz Anderson Park, Brookline is one of the best places to live in the Boston area. Enjoy your new home and don’t forget to keep these homeowner tips in mind.

If you haven’t moved yet, contact Mastodon Moving today and we’ll make sure your belongings make it to your Brookline home safely and efficiently.

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