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Moving This Spring Season? We’ve Got Some Tips for You

With winter well in our rearview, it’s time to embrace spring with open arms. If you’re moving soon, even better. For one, you get to avoid the big summer rush while also not having to move all your belongings in freezing temperatures. Take advantage of everything spring moving has to offer and utilize our tips!

Book Early

While summer may be the most popular moving season, the spring season is no stranger to busy schedules. If you’re looking move before summer hits, try and schedule your move for a weekday. It may not be the most ideal, but it can save you money and it’ll likely be easier to book your desired moving company.

Protect Against Pollen

With everything beginning to bloom and sprout in the spring, it’s important to properly seal your moving boxes so that pollen can’t find its way in. After all, who wants a stuffy nose and watery eyes while setting up their new home? If you struggle particularly hard with allergies, be sure to check the pollen count the day of your move. If the count is high, keep your preferred allergy medication at the ready!

Have a Garage Sale!

Spring cleaning should be in full swing right now, so if you’re relatively ahead of the packing game you should consider getting rid of some unneeded items. If you packed your things with a garage sale in mind, take those boxes of items that can go and get to selling. Not only will you be reducing the overall transportation costs by lowering the weight of the items you’re moving, you’ll also be putting some cash in your pocket from selling your stuff. Ultimately, it’s a win-win.

Looking for the perfect spring move? Utilize our tips to ensure things go off without a hitch! If you’re still on the lookout for professional movers to help with your change of house, get in touch with us. You can reach our team at 774-421-9004 or by filling out an online contact form.

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