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Moving In Together: How To Fit Your Stuff & Theirs Under One Roof

We applaud those who have decided to take a leap of faith and take their relationship to the next level by moving in together. Moving into an apartment, condo, or single family home in the greater Boston area with your significant other is a fun experience, but it can be a real challenge to try and figure out what to do with both of your belongings.

Getting Rid of Duplicates

The first step before hiring a moving company or before you even start packing is to determine what goes to the new place and what goes to the curb or donation pile. For couples who have lived separately, chances are you have a few duplicate items, such as beds, dressers, kitchen supplies, couches and tables. Make a list of whose furniture you will keep and whose you will toss. You can also opt to get rid of both sets of furniture (don’t forget to request junk removal services) for pieces that better suit your new space. Don’t forget to donate or toss duplicate kitchen items such as silverware sets, toaster ovens and pots and pans — especially if your new property is limited on space.

Opt For Temporary Storage

Sometimes moving in with your significant other is a last-minute decision and there isn’t time to sort through all the belongings. If this is the case, don’t sweat it and know that you can always opt for short-term storage solutions. At Mastodon Moving, we provide our clients with temperature-controlled and highly secured storage solutions that are perfect for furniture, high value items, and even personal items such as clothes and collectibles. This is a great solution to ensuring that your new space isn’t cluttered from the beginning, and you now have the time to go through your stuff at our storage unit after you’re settled into the new space.

Decorating A Home For Two

After your furniture and belongings are moved into your new home, it’s time to head to the store and purchase some new items that fit both your style and your apartment. This is a great chance to get to know your significant other and what their tastes are when it comes to interior decorating. Don’t forget to discuss the type of color theme you both want for communal spaces, as well as budget. If you end up ordering furniture online that comes pre-assembled, don’t hesitate to call an in-home moving company such as Mastodon Moving who can help you properly place your new furniture around your home.

While you’re in the process of planning to move in together, don’t forget that this is a time to be excited and happy — not stressed or resentful. We highly recommend hiring professional movers to help relieve some of that added stress that comes from packing, unpacking and moving. Mastodon Moving is here to provide local or long distance home and apartment moving for couples in the greater Boston area. Contact us today for an accurate moving estimate.

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