Packing High End Art for Move

Moving High Value Goods? Hire a Moving Company

It’s tough enough to pick up and move from one location to another, but when high value items are involved, things can get a bit more complicated.

Mastodon Moving LLC’s professional movers have enough moving experience to tell you that when it comes to properly packing and protecting your more expensive items, it’s worth every penny to hire a moving company.

What Counts as a High Value Item?

In the moving industry, items of extraordinary value include crystal, china, precious or semi-precious metals or stones, antiques, paintings and oriental rugs. Other high value items can even include furs, computer software or hardware, and collectible items. Essentially, if you shelled out a pretty penny for an item (worth more than $100 per pound), chances are it belongs in the high value item category. Don’t forget about your shoes, purses, dresses or suits, as those should all be properly packed and accounted for.

Moving High Value Items

Once you contact our Ashland MA-based full service moving company, it’s important to give us a rough estimate of what types of high value items you have in your home and where they are located. This ensures that our movers are well prepared in advance with the proper packing materials for your items. At Mastodon Moving LLC, we come prepared with padded mats, bubble wrap and custom-tailored boxes and crates.

We will also give you a High Value Inventory Form to fill out so that we can keep track and identify the items you deem most important. As a full service moving company, we offer packing and unpacking services of all the items in your home, down to the last spoon! Simply coordinate with your movers regarding where the items should be placed in your new home.

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