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Movers in Concord MA Provide Expert Kitchen Packing Tips

Mastodon Moving has been providing professional full service moving for homeowners in Concord for almost 10 years. One of the biggest issues our clients run into is packing their kitchen.

The kitchen is full of hundreds and hundreds of items from large KitchenAid mixers to dozens of individual spices. All of these items need to be safely packed away and organized on moving day — and it can be tough to figure out where to start.

Organize Packing Materials

First things first, Concord residents should head to their nearest packing supply store. You may want to head down Route 2 to I-95 and grab some heavy-duty moving boxes from Home Depot in Waltham. Be sure to purchase:

  • 5 large boxes. These boxes should be packed with lighter objects such as kitchen towels, spices, oven mits and paper towels.
  • 10 medium boxes. These are for heavier, bulkier items such as your pots and pans, small appliances such as a waffle maker, and silverware or cooking utensils.
  • 2 celled boxes. These are for stemware and other drinkware glasses that need to be carefully packed away to avoid breaking and chipping.
  • Packing paper bundle. It’s important to make sure your packing paper doesn’t have anything printed on it, as the ink can leak onto your possessions and cause permanent stains.
  • Packing tape. We often see homeowners assembling their boxes without packing tape or not closing the lids with tape. It’s crucial to give your boxes the extra support with packing tape.
  • Markers and labels. Don’t forget to help your moving company out by labeling your boxes to include what the contents of the box are as well as what room the box should go in at the new house.

Start Packing

Once you’ve got your packing materials, it’s time to start packing. The first things to go should be items not frequently used every day. In this case, wine glasses, mixing bowls, cookie sheets, small kitchen appliances, and cook books or extra dish towels.

Next, it’s time to pack drawers and shelves. This is when you should use those medium-sized moving boxes. If you like how your drawers and shelves are arranged right now, then it’s helpful to pack those items in the same boxes so that unpacking is easier. Move on to pack dishes next, then pots and pans — as these can be bulky and by then you can determine whether or not you need more boxes.

As your moving date approaches, try to use up as many pantry items as possible. Do you have a bag of rice sitting around or boxes of pasta? Perhaps it’s time to make a stir fry or a pasta salad. Don’t forget to use up as many condiments and items in the freezer as well in order to not have to toss as many items.

Don’t forget that our professional movers in Concord MA are also here to provide professional packing and unpacking services. This means that we can pack all of those kitchen items for you so you can worry about other things — like making sure your utilities are in order and the kids’ belongings are organized.

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