Mastodon Moving Takes on South End

Last month, Mastodon Moving tackled a complex South End move that involved moving high value art items and a baby grand piano. These complex moves require experience, care and patience — traits that JJ Przybylski, owner of Mastodon Moving, and his crew all have.

The South End move took place over three days and was a huge success. Pryzbylski first met with the homeowners and drew up a custom-catered moving plan. Whether local or long distance, the key to any successful move is making sure one has a move manager to oversee the moving process.

babygranpianoOn the first day, Mastodon Moving brought over one of their spacious moving trucks as well as various packing materials for the high value art items, the baby grand, and other large pieces of furniture. It was all hands on deck when it came time to moving the baby grand, which was successfully loaded onto the truck with the use of padding, straps, ramps and team coordination.


Afterwards it was on to packing up the framed artwork. Packing up artwork is a delicate process and takes plenty of patience. If the artwork is packed wrong, the risks of breaking the frames and damaging the priceless art increase tenfold. Mastodon Moving has their own system for packing artwork that involves wooden crates lined with foam padding to prevent the frames from bumping into one another and sliding around. Day one was wrapped up with dropping off a few items at the storage unit.

Packing art in wooden crates packingpictures2 packingpictures3 packingpictures4

Day two included what Mastodon Moving is best known for: full service packing. The entire South End apartment was packed up. The trick is to spread out the team and assign one person to pack up all items in a room. All glassware, books and more were safety stored in labeled boxes.

packedtruckThe final South End moving day was smooth sailing as Mastodon Moving loaded their truck in an organized fashion and moved the homeowners into their new apartment. Pryzbylski and his team unpacked all wardrobe boxes and all of the high value art pieces so that their customers could get a head start on their unpacking process.


Mastodon Moving is a full service moving company based in Wayland, MA. The company covers the entire greater Boston area, which includes Weston, Sudbury and Newton. They believe that customers deserve the very best in moving services no matter what. Need a professional moving company? Contact us today!

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