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Mastodon Moving Provides Elderly Moving Services in Natick

Earlier this month, the full service moving company helped a Natick local move into their new assisted living home in Wayland, MA.

Mastodon Moving LLC worked extensively with the entire family to move their loved one safely from her Natick condo to a new assisted living condo in Wayland. The job called for full service moving, which started with move management services. Owner JJ Przybylski worked with the family and their loved one to determine what possessions were to move, to be donated and to be tossed. Moving dates and a plan of action on moving day were also established.

The moving team worked quickly yet efficiently to pack up the entire condo, which included a small kitchen and dining area, living room area and bedroom. There were a few high value items such as paintings and antiques that were packed with care and securely fastened into the spacious moving truck to make the drive across town. The moving company has completed dozens of jobs involving high value items and always comes prepared with the appropriate packing materials.

After the original home was fully packed and loaded onto the truck, the moving company traveled to their Wayland destination and fully unpacked the woman’s belongings into her new condo. Mastodon Moving is capable of unpacking and entire house, right down to the silverware, in order to help customers feel at home as quickly as possible.

Need full service moving for your loved one? Contact Mastodon Moving today to request an estimate!

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