Mastodon Moving Heads to Live Music Capital of the World!

Our long distance moving crew recently got back from a move from Massachusetts to Austin, Texas. Also known as “Silicon Hills” and “City of the violet crown”, Austin is located inland and is known for it’s artistic culture and musically inclined citizens.

Formulating a plan

As with any long distance move from the Greater Boston area, owner JJ Przybylski sat down with the homeowner and hashed out a plan. All large items and high value items were taken into account to ensure that they were properly packed for the long journey across the country. In total, Mastodon Moving LLC crated five items: four pieces of artwork and a large glass dining table.

Making moves

All of the items were loaded into the moving company’s storage warehouse (located in Ashland) and from there were inventoried and shipping out in the company’s moving truck. The logistics were worked out so that the entire moving process was smooth and stress free for both the homeowner and Przybylski’s crew. Two movers drove the truck to Austin while the rest of the crew arrived at the homeowner’s new property via plane.

Although Mastodon Moving LLC has conducted long distance moves before, this one proved to be very unique: the customer wasn’t present at the end destination.

“The customer didn’t even have to be there. We communicated through the phone to make sure the setup was how she wanted,” said Przybylski. “Since it was a high value job, we handled the move from start to finish.”

Why choose Mastodon Moving

One of the benefits of choosing Mastodon Moving LLC for long distance moving is that homeowners won’t have to hire a third party shipping and freight company in order to get their items across the country. Przybylski and his crew will personally ensure that the items are loaded onto the company’s trucks and that the crew you saw packing up your things are the same people meeting you at the end destination.

If you’re gearing up for a long distance move in the near future, contact our full service moving company today for a free moving estimate!

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