Long Distance Moving Tips to Consider this Summer

Summer is the perfect time to be moving long distance. The kids are out of school, or perhaps you’ve finally become empty nesters and can move to that far-away place you’ve always dreamed of.

The first hurdle, however, is packing all of your belongings. We’ve been in the business of moving long enough to know that no matter how organized you are, packing is still stressful when you’re moving. The solution? Hire someone to do it for you.


Here are a few tips from the professionals at Mastodon Moving, LLC to make your move easier:

Have a Plan

This is key! At Mastodon Moving, we are here to help you develop a strategic way to pack your things, and keep your belongings organized with perfectly-sized moving boxes. Plan to label boxes according to each room. If you’re moving yourself, be sure to label all your boxes to make packing and unpacking easier. It’s up to you how specific you want to label the boxes.

Know the Delivery Window

Apartment Move in Boston

If you’re hiring a long distance moving company, some of these companies may end up giving you a wide delivery window as to when they are going to show up at your new place with your belongings. Be sure to confirm and reconfirm move-in dates and always bring plenty of clothes and other items you need on a daily basis. As a full service moving company that only caters to one customer at a time, there will be no “delivery window” for long distance. Instead, the date we set for you is the date our truck will be there!

Understand Your Move-In Stipulations

Although many people will simply move from one single family home into another, apartment or condo moves can be a bit more complicated. Always ask the landlord about whether or not you need to reserve an elevator or what times you are allowed to move in. Be sure you can access your new home, condo, or apartment, and have the necessary keys for each entrance. You may want certain things in the basement or may want to utilize entrances other than the main entrance to the home. Be sure you have access to these entrances so you’re not surprised on move-in day.  Don’t forget to figure out whether or not a moving truck is allowed to park in the apartment lot.

Pack Everything For The Long-Haul

Packing dishware for moving

 A long-distance move is not something that should be taken lightly when your belongings are concerned. Instead of shoving everything in the back of your car haphazardly, you’ll want to pack all belongings so that they don’t shift during transport. A long distance move is very different than a short distance move just across town. With a short distance move, you can get away with unsealed boxes, totes, and bags. But a long distance move requires strategic and tightly packed technique in order to completely ensure the safety of your belongings.

Mastodon Moving has furniture pads, bubble wrap, packaging tape and of course our expert eye for packing to ensure all your belongings will make the cross-country trip unscathed.

Are you moving to California, Florida or some other distance part of the country? Don’t settle for a moving company that also moves other people’s belongings at the same time. Instead, opt for a boutique moving company that will only transport your items. Contact us today to schedule a date and ask for a free estimate!

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