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Listen Up Boston Area Homeowners: Here’s How to Avoid Moving Scams

While moving can provide you with a bit of added stress, there are some other factors to consider when hiring a mover besides which ones can fit your needs.

A moving scam is a very scary thing for most families and young people on the move. A scam involves a moving company that uses unlawful and dishonest tactics to get more money from its customers. While you may not think this could happen to you, it can, and will if you aren’t careful. This will leave you with significantly less money to spend on your move.

To avoid a moving scam, simply follow these steps!

  1. Look into overly positive reviews. Some moving companies enlist their own employees or friends to leave positive reviews for the company. These reviews are often false. Ask friends or family who they have used in the past to move, and how their experience was. On the flip side, reading up on reviews can often give you an idea of how the company operates (Are they late? Do they handle items carefully?).
  2. Be wary of very low estimates. Movers who aren’t the real deal tend to offer extremely low estimates to hook you into a contract first, and then rarely deliver. The lower cost might sound good, but when moving day arrives, the company will charge you nothing close to this original estimate. To combat this, don’t accept an estimate over the phone, or from a mover who simply looks around your house carelessly. Also- collect more than one estimate for your move, and decide which company seems like the best fit for the job after speaking/meeting with each one. Don’t be afraid to ask a mover for an explanation as to why their estimate is so low. If you don’t accept their explanation, find another company.
  3. Movers can rob you! There are some cases where movers keep your possessions until you pay them more for their services. This won’t happen to you if you do your research before hiring someone. Make sure the company is accredited.
  4. Never leave a large deposit. Often, you will leave a large deposit, and the company will keep it, not show up and not refund you.
  5. Don’t sign any incomplete bank statements. Make sure you get everything in writing regarding any type of deal, and pay attention to add on services and rates.

You can spot a scam in a moving company very easily.  Just notice if the company is hard to reach and doesn’t return phone calls, won’t leave you anything in writing or you can’t find much information on the company. If you listen to your instincts, you should be safe for your big day.

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