3 Items That Should Always Be Crated

When we think of moving, we generally envision ourselves heading off to a local hardware store in Boston and stocking up on dozens of cardboard boxes. Although these days there cardboard boxes of varying sizes and thickness, you may have items in your home that just shouldn’t be in a cardboard box.

At Mastodon Moving, we see so many homeowners attempting to pack their valuables into cardboard boxes, only to have these boxes rip or worse bottom out once lifted. Custom wooden crates, on the other hand, won’t buckle under a heavy load, and they keep your items safe. If you have any of these 3 items in your home that you plan on moving, then it’s best to opt for custom wood crating.

  1. Marble or Glass Tabletops. Some moving companies in the Boston area may look at your gorgeous marble or glass tabletop and immediately wrap it in moving pads and blankets, perhaps securing it with duct tape and strapping it to the inside of the van. While this may seem like a good idea, there’s just too much at risk. Mastodon Moving will measure the tabletop and custom make a wooden crate within which to place these items. Within the crate is an extensive network of foam padding to reduce shifting during transit.
  2. Wine Collection. Having that wine collection handy is always a great perk, but if your moving company doesn’t properly pack your wine bottles, that’s thousands of dollars on the line. Whenever a large number of the same fragile and expensive item needs to be packed, Mastodon Moving will always recommend custom crating. With wooden crates, we can design the interior to house each bottle safely and securely with plenty of padding.
  3. Electronics. That 72” plasma TV isn’t going to pack itself, nor is it going to fit in most cardboard boxes. Sure, you may have saved the box it originally came in, but electronics boxes are significantly weakened once the product is opened. Reduce your risk of unpacking a shattered TV (and the wrath of your kids or football buddies) and opt for a wooden crate. Mastodon Moving can create any-sized crate for any electronic equipment such as computers, stereos and TVs.

Have any other high value item that you don’t want to risk damaging during your next move? Contact our Boston movers today and we’ll give you a moving estimate that includes what items we believe should be in a custom crate. Get your free estimate now!

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