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Items That Need Climate Controlled Storage

If you’re set on downsizing and need a temporary space to put your stuff, a storage unit can come in handy. However, not all storage facilities in Boston are created equal; some may be too small, others may be too expensive, while most aren’t climate controlled.

t’s important to make sure that your items are stored properly or else they run the risk of being damaged, which is why at Mastodon Moving LLC we recommend climate controlled storage. Below are ten items you’ll definitely want a climate-controlled storage unit for.

  1. Wood furniture. Keeping your wooden furniture looking like new means you’ll need a storage unit whose temperature doesn’t fluctuate. This is especially important if you have antique wooden furniture.
  2. Leather furniture. Leather furniture can succumb to deterioration if not kept in a temperature-controlled space. This type of furniture is expensive, so it’s important to prolong the life of the leather.
  3. Household appliances. Washers, dryers, ovens, refrigerators — if it’s a large appliance that requires and electric outlet, we highly recommend this type of storage. Mold can easily grow within these appliances and a storage unit with large temperature fluctuations can be disastrous for the wiring.Storage Facility in Ashland MA
  4. High value items. Any special collectible items that are worth a lot in both price and sentimentality should be stored appropriately. Coins, stamps, comics, wine and sports memorabilia need a set temperature.
  5. Instruments. Musical instruments are expensive and need to be handled and stored with care. Aside from moving pianos, Mastodon Moving LLC can also store them in custom-made crates to protect the wood finishing.
  6. Art. One of the most important types of items to have in a temperature controlled storage space. Our past clients have temporarily stored their art collection during their downsizing move in the Boston area and are always happy to discover they are in the same condition as the day we stored them.
  7. Clothes. Although you may think clothes don’t need to be stored away in a separate facility during a move, many families often opt for clothing storage while they unpack their larger items in their new home. Expensive leather shoes, fur coats and pricey dresses or suits should all be stored properly.
  8. Documents. Mastodon Moving LLC provides moving services and storage space for businesses in the Boston area. During your office relocation, we highly recommend keeping all your important business documents and paper files in our high security, climate controlled storage facility.
  9. Photos. Whether they’re in picture frames, photo albums or loose photos, it’s important to keep them in one place during your next move. Variable temperatures could ruin photos, and we want to make sure you’re able to still revisit those memories at your new location!
  10. Electronics. Storing electronics in a climate controlled facility is a must in order to preserve and prolong the life of this equipment. Mastodon Moving LLC’s expert movers always take the time to carefully back each computer, TV and sound system to prevent damage.

Need an extra place to store your items during your next move? Contact our Boston moving company today. Our Ashland-based storage facility is both high security and climate controlled!

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