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Is Living in the South End Right for You?

The South End is one of the city of Boston’s most desired treasures for many people. The area is bordered by the Back Bay, Chinatown and Roxbury and, although it’s square mileage is quite small compared to some suburbs of the city, it offers rich culture and history.

So, what makes people flock to the South End?

  • Victorian-Style Architecture. Established in the mid-1800’s as a means to find more space for an over-crowded Boston, the South End boasts gorgeous brick and brownstone row homes that define Victorian architecture.South End Move
  • Great Outdoor Spaces. The South End boasts eleven parks and green spaces which all reside within residential areas. Once an expansive marsh land, the area has completely transformed and now large trees line quiet streets.
  • Entertaining Night Life. Because of it’s close proximity to the city, the South End neighborhoods are full of some of the best bars and restaurants in the area. During it’s gentrification period, many LGBT citizens and artists moved into the South End, making the borough one of the most diverse in the greater Boston area.
  • Convenient Commuting. For those who have jobs in the city or elsewhere throughout Boston or Cambridge, the South End is conveniently situated along the MBTA Orange and Silver lines. A quick hop on the T will get you to center city, Northward to Cambridge or Westward towards Brighton and Newton.Packing High End Art for Move
  • Top Notch Educational Facilities. The South End is home to a number of primary and secondary schools that rival the performance of those outside the city. McKinley South End Academy in particular specializes in behavioral, emotional and learning needs for students. The area also houses the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology.

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