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Instances When In-Home Moving is the Best Choice

Moving doesn’t have to be from Point A to Point B. Sometimes hiring a moving company is necessary when your current home (that you don’t plan on moving out of any time soon) is undergoing some changes. In this instance, you’ll be opting for in-home moving services.

What is In-Home Moving?

Although local and long-distance moving is the bulk of the moving business, in-home moving services are just as popular in the Greater Boston area. In-home moving entails re-arranging furniture in a single room or entire house, or taking items from a home and putting them into a separate storage unit. In-home moving can also be temporary during which items are placed elsewhere in the home and then put back in their original place.

When to Opt for In-Home Moving

There are dozens of instances during which homeowners should choose in-home moving in Boston. Below are just a few examples of how Mastodon Moving can help you move your furniture and belongings safely and efficiently.

  • Carpet cleaning. Our crew can come in before the carpet cleaning company and ensure that all furniture items are removed from carpeted areas before the cleaning process begins. Afterwards, we’ll put everything back where it was.
  • Hardwood floor refinishing or replacement. This is a popular remodeling job for homeowners but sometimes it can be a hassle trying to get your home prepared for the process. Mastodon Moving is here to move your kitchen or dining room table, chairs and other furniture items safely out of harm’s way so that the remodeling process can begin.
  • Tile flooring installation or replacement. Have kitchen or bathroom tiles that need replacement? Or perhaps you’re opting for tile and getting rid of that old and outdated carpet. Whatever the case may be, our in-home movers will safely store the belongings from that room either elsewhere in your home or back at our climate-controlled storage facility.
  • Home renovations/expansions. Are plans for that new attached sunroom or garage finally getting started? Before the construction crews come knocking, make sure it’s Mastodon Moving who knocks on your door first to get your belongings out of the house. Removing furniture before major renovations preserves upholstery and prevents damage.
  • Mold removal or remediation. Mold and mildew are issues in homes both old and new. We understand that finding mold in your home is unexpected, and remediation processes usually begin as quickly as possible. Our Boston movers are available for last-minute in-home moving jobs so that you can focus on the issue at hand without the worry that your belongings will be affected by mold.
  • Kitchen remodeling. This is one of the major home improvements and also the one that can take the most time. Counter-tops, kitchen cabinets, flooring, and kitchen islands may all need to be gutted and replaced. Before this happens, Mastodon Moving will pack up all of your kitchen belongings (this includes china, silverware, plates, kitchen appliances, etc!) and safely store them at our warehouse.
  • Basement flooding or attic leaks. Having a flooded basement or leaky attic is never something you expect — but when it happens, you need to move quickly to safe any furniture or items. Mastodon Moving is on call to help temporarily relocate any items you may have in your basement or attic.

From remodeling to home emergencies, our Boston movers are here to provide professional in-home moving services. Contact us for a free estimate!

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