How Your Move Can Impact Your Toddler

When getting ready for a move with a toddler, you might often think you’ll be more stressed than they are. After all, you’re handling the finances and logistics. However, a move can be a difficult transition for your young one too. Toddlers are typically creatures of habit and changes to their routine can be troublesome. If you can identify your child’s fears and stresses, though, while focusing on their needs, you can mitigate most issues. Let’s go over a few changes your toddler experiences when going through a move…

Changes in Environment

The most obvious change would be the general location of their new home. Toddlers form a strong attachment to their surroundings and tend to feel most secure when they are somewhere they are familiar with. When you move somewhere new with your child, their entire world is changing. They’ll be in a new house with a new bedroom, while also dealing with new surroundings and new people. It can be a lot to deal with even as an adult, so try and pay attention to your child’s anxiety levels and other behavioral changes when going through the transition. Putting their minds at ease can be instrumental in having a successful move.

Changes in Behavior

To speak further on the behavior point touched upon in our last paragraph, it’s important to note that when toddlers get stressed they can often start exhibiting behaviors similar to those shown earlier in their development. Your child may become afraid to sleep by themselves or develop a general sense of unease. Fortunately, these shifts in behavior are temporary. You can expect your kids’ behavior to return to normal once they familiarize themselves with their new home and surroundings.

Remember, They React to You

If the move is particularly stressful on you, your toddler will pick up on that. Young children develop incredibly strong bonds with their parents, so if you start behaving differently you can bet your kid will too. You also must consider your child’s caregiver. When moving, your child’s favorite babysitter likely isn’t coming along for the ride. Kids develop strong connections with their caregivers too, so pairing them with a new babysitter or daycare can lead to a breached sense of security. This is an unavoidable part of the process, so make your toddler feel as comfortable as you can about the switch.

It’s easy to get lost in the whirlwind of a move and not fully think about how everything is impacting your young one. If you notice any dramatic shifts in behavior, put the move aside for a second and make your kid feel relaxed about the process. Also, keep your own stresses in check. Not only will you be happier for it, but your toddler will too.

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