How to Stay Organized During a Long Distance Move

While many families and college graduates are moving zip code to zip code, some are moving long distance instead. State to state moves can be hectic because if you forget an item in your old living space, you can’t exactly head back and get it! If you misplace something, it can be tough to find in a truck that you’ve packed yourself and simply just tried to fit everything inside by piling things on top of the other. You have other plans to make for your new home instead of worrying about packing your current living space.

Don’t worry! Here are some quick and easy tips for staying organized on your long distance move so that when you arrive you can enjoy your new living space.

  1. Organize and label things as you pack. Pack similar things in the same box, and labelPacking dishware for movingeach box in different colors and labels, so they will stand out during the packing process.
  2. Pack things securely. In a shorter move, you won’t hit many bumps in the road. In a longer move, there is more driving involved, and more chances for your belongings to shift and possibly break. Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap, and tape them shut.
  3. Throw some things away! Moving is an excellent time to throw out items you may not need anymore. Go through kitchen items, and clothing to see what is outdated and not going to get much use in your new home.
  4. Plan for things you can’t pack in boxes, like pets and plants. Plants don’t usually travel well, so they may have to get passed onto a relative or friend when you depart. Pets may travel well or may not, so you should prepare for the move in relation to your pet’s personality.
  5. Insure your things. If you use a full service moving company, the movers will pack all of your items carefully and securely and will be the ones driving the trucks. In this situation, you wouldn’t have to worry about insurance as the company is usually insured, and is trained to be very careful with your belongings.

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