How to Remain Calm During a Move

Making the decision to move is exciting and terrifying all at once. On the one hand, you’re changing scenery! Even if you’re moving within the same state, or town, your home setting will change. On the other hand, everything you see around your current living space must be transferred to the new one. It’s at that moment you often feel the trickle of dread begin to creep down between your shoulder blades. How long is it going to take to pack all of this stuff? Will everything make it in one piece? What places do I have to call to inform them of my address change? There are many more questions you’ll be asking yourself, but before you drown you must remember one thing, and that is to stay calm! The move will sort itself out, but here are some tips on how to remain calm throughout the process.

1.) Take It One Thing at a Time

It can be easy to fall into the trap of trying to tackle everything at once, but that only leads to increased levels of anxiety and frustration. Tackle one objective at a time, and you’ll certainly thank yourself for it. The small victory of tackling a task helps keep momentum rolling as the move progresses. Trying to call the cable company, set up vet appointments for you animal(s), and cancel your gym membership all in one fell swoop makes things ten times more hectic than they need to be. Remember to relax, conquer your tasks individually, and, most importantly, breathe.

2.) Add Some Fun to Packing

Packing can be so daunting that it is often looked upon with disdain, but no one said it has to be boring. Initially, you might find yourself wondering just how you acquired so many items in the first place. But, don’t fret! There are alternatives to packing alone while you judge yourself for purchasing too many things. For one, turn some music on. Familiar, upbeat music can help add some lightness to the whole endeavor. Also, inviting a friend or two over can help speed along the process. Just be sure to actually pack when they arrive, and not fall into fits of jovial banter. This way you can pack, listen to music, and spend time with friends all at once. Not a bad way to get ready to move out, I’d say.

3.) Take a Break

The process building up to a move is all encompassing. So, give yourself a break once in a while. If you find yourself beginning to fray, turn down plans with friends, or tell your mom you’ll grab dinner with her next week. In times of high stress, it is incredibly important to remember to recharge your batteries. Taking some down time with only yourself is an incredible way to center. You might think you can do it all, but even all-stars need some down time once in a while.

Do you have a big move coming up? If so, keep these pointers in mind when you find yourself wanting to rip your hair out. If things are a bit more stressful, and you find yourself requiring some more help, then give us a call at 774-421-9004, or fill out our online contact form!

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