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How To Properly Pack Books for Your Move

If you and your family are veracious readers, you probably have a couple book cases in your current home. Books are one of those bulk items that seems straight forward to pack, but the packing process can quickly backfire and suddenly you’re left with a box that’s way too heavy for even one of our moving guys to lift.

At Mastodon Moving, we’re here to help you properly pack your book collection. Of course, you can always contact us for full service packing, but if you prefer to DIY, then here are the steps to consider.

Packing Books for a Move

  1. Size Does Matter. When it comes to choosing how large of a box to put your books in, always choose the smallest size available. Keep in mind that if you use a larger box, you will fill that box to the brim — but when books are involved this will make the large box extremely heavy. Smaller boxes may mean you need to buy more in order to fit your books, but it’s worth it and your back will thank you later.
  2. Sturdy Is Better. Although you can get away with having a more flimsy moving box, we highly recommend choosing a more sturdy box because of the weight it will be carrying.
  3. Consider High Value Books. For high value books such as first edition novels or limited edition encyclopedia collections, we always recommend individually wrapping each book before placing it in the box. Paper wrapping usually does the trick, though depending on the condition of the books you may want to consider thin cloth wrapping.

Finally, you’re ready to start packing in just 7 simple steps!

  1. Line the bottom of the box with packing paper
  2. Place the books on edge in the box
  3. Alternate bound edges in order to reduce gaps
  4. Use balled up newspaper or packing peanuts to fill any gaps
  5. Make sure all items fit within one inch of the top of the box
  6. Secure the box with packing tape (don’t forget to tape the bottom before packing it!)
  7. Label the box by including what’s inside it and what room it should be in

Have way too many books to pack in too short a time? Contact Mastodon Moving today for a free moving estimate as well as packing and unpacking services!

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