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How to Properly Move Residences with a Dog

Moving is not without its stresses, particularly when it comes to your K-9 friend. Unlike children, you can only do so much to communicate with your dog that things are perfectly fine even though they appear very chaotic. Dogs love routine and a move can throw everything that makes them feel safe and secure entirely out the window. Even if you have the most laid back dog on the planet, (s)he can easily become stressed as the move progresses. So, we’re here to give you a few pointers on how to smartly go about your move with your best bud.

Keep Routines

With so much going on leading up to the move, it’s not hard for moving tasks to disrupt your dog’s daily routine. Knowing this, try to keep things as typical as possible. This means sticking to the same walking and feeding schedule. Be sure to make time for play too. Just because you’re busy due to the move doesn’t mean your dog is. Keep them as happy as you can during the packing process and mitigate stressful behavior if you notice any. Also, pack their toys and favorite blankets last so they can have familiar items that smell of home right up until moving day.

Prepare Them a Moving Day Room

Having space set aside for your pup on moving day is essential. This way, when your new home is in complete upheaval, they will have a safe and secure space to occupy. Select the room prior to the big day and give them some time to get familiarized with it. Play with them in there, feed them a meal or two in the room, and also get them accustomed to being in the room with the door closed. The latter is especially important for the day of the move. Be sure to fill the room with their favorite toys and blankets too, just like the lead up to moving day. Don’t wash your dog’s blankets either, as the familiar scents of their old home will help keep them calm.

Help Them Adjust to Their New Home

After everything is moved into the house, your dog’s anxiety doesn’t just disappear. This new home is mostly foreign to them, complete with new smells and sounds. Their food and water set up will have a new location too. Everything they deem to be normal has been completely thrown out of whack, and the fact that you have to unpack the house adds to already high-stress levels. If you can, take a few days off of work after the move to spend time with your pooch while they get acquainted with the new digs. If you have outdoor space for them and the weather is agreeable, allow them to hang out in their new backyard. But, first, ensure there is no way for them to escape. Your dog running away in a new neighborhood would be problematic indeed.

Whether your dog likes it or not, they have to make the move with you. So, do what you can to bring their stress levels down during this disorganized time. Good old Fido will warm up to the place eventually, but (s)he will definitely need your help. Incorporate our tips while thinking of other unique things you can do to keep your pup happy, as this will help ensure a smooth moving experience across the board.

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