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How To Plan For Commercial Moving in Boston

Have you grown out of your existing office space? Perhaps the rent is too high and you’re looking to move elsewhere in the city? No matter what your situation is, office relocation and commercial moving in the Boston area requires a great deal of planning ahead of time. One of the first things your business executives should look into is finding a reputable moving company that can provide commercial moving services.

Why Hire a Professional for Commercial Moves

You may be thinking “I have employees in my office, so why not have them move their own office space using a moving rental truck?”

This may sound like a good idea theoretically, but realistically this can end up being a disaster. Not only will you lose days worth of employee productivity as everyone packs up their desks, computers and other belongings, but you will also end up spending a great deal of money renting trucks. Finding employees to drive rental trucks around the city can also lead to liability issues. The best thing to do is hire a commercial mover in Boston.

What to Expect During a Commercial Move

If you end up choosing Mastodon Moving as your commercial moving company, you can expect the utmost care of your electronic equipment and office furniture. There are a number of additional details you can expect from a professional commercial mover, including:

  • Commercial movers in Boston should have the required city permits to park on busy city streets. At Mastodon Moving, we routinely update our city parking permits for these moving jobs. Space is limited in the financial district, Seaport, Back Bay and other areas, but with our moving permits we can park virtually right in front of the entrance to your office.
  • The moving company should always provide you with a detailed estimate document that breaks down costs. Most moving companies will charge by the hour, but keep in mind that any specialty or high value items may be charged on top of the move.
  • Your moving company should offer custom wood crating services for high value items. Mastodon Moving has a warehouse stocked full of wood crates and packing materials that are used for printers, fax machines, computers, server racks and other electronic equipment.
  • Although you may not need this service, temporary storage is also something to keep in mind. For businesses who are downsizing their office space or if their new office isn’t quite move-in ready yet, Mastodon Moving has a spacious, temperature controlled storage facility just outside the city.
  • Are you moving your office and updating your employee’s work space? Many companies who are looking to move to a new building have also purchasing brand new desks and chairs, cubicles, conference room furniture, and office decor. In this case, Mastodon Moving will coordinate with a local junk removal company and assist in the junk removal process. If your new office furniture is ready and waiting at the new business address, our movers can provide furniture assembly and trash removal.

The most important aspect of commercial moving is having a detailed plan. Our commercial movers will assess whether or not your office move requires a multi-day plan. If so, the first day will consist of prepped your office equipment and office furniture and custom crating any high value items. The second day we will load up the trucks, transport your belongings, and unpack all items.

Looking for a reputable Boston area commercial moving company? Contact Mastodon Moving today and we’ll send a friendly and knowledgeable representative to your location to give you an accurate moving estimate.

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